Autonomous & Controllable Server SAN

VersaRAID is a Scale-Out storage specially designed for audio and video optimization. It is the first ARM-based server storage solution (Server SAN) in M&E industry, opening up the possibility of future chip self-development, and providing outstanding scalability for storing and protecting ever-increasing data files.

The VersaRAID consists of two parts: Server SAN (VersaPLX-PCI) + PCIe Storage (ExaSAN A16S3-PS).




Capacity Expansion

Due to the increasing demand for data storage capacity in media industry, VersaRAID provides the ability to dynamically scale out capacity. The basic configuration is one VersaPLX-PCI with one A16S3, and one A16S3 has a maximum capacity of 256TB (using 16TB HDD). This can be extended to a single VersaPLX plus four A16S3-PS, and each A16S3-PS supports up to three JBODs (A16S3-SJ) with a total capacity of up to 4PB (4,096TB). Connecting multiple VersaPLX can dynamically increase capacity and allow for unlimited expansion as needed.

High Availability (HA)

Connecting multiple VersaRAID can not only unlimitedly increase capacity, but with two or more sets of VersaRAID can also achieve high availability function via software, constructing a securer storage environment. Sit back and relax—Your files are safe with our devices!

VersaRAID + Accusys SAN

Through the PCIe port VersaRAID can connect to Accusys SAN network, including the ExaSAN series with PCIe communication protocol and the T-Share series with Thunderbolt technology. After the project is completed, both the original and the edited materials can be directly transferred to the VersaRAID system for permanent storage.

Unlimited Users

VersaRAID is equipped with 6 Ethernet ports for 6 users to share content at high speed at the same time. With the growing of workgroup, VersaRAID Scale-Out function can expand the number of users and bandwidth as desired while still maintains high performance.


VersaRAID can be tailored for OEM customers for specific applications, including mechanism, hardware design, open source software, software development, and storage solution, just to name a few.